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Totally Hip & Totally Skip!

Just like the popular glossy magazines, I’ve compiled a “What’s Hot and What’s Not” list, based on recent trends in my life.

DeAnne Smith’s December: Totally Hip & Totally Skip!

Totally Hip! A sleeping-bag-like winter coat
Totally Skip! The appearance of a normal, human-shaped body

Totally Hip! Long underwear
Totally Skip! Remaining sweat-free in the metro

Totally Hip! Mittens
Totally Skip! Use of hands

Totally Hip! Hooded sweatshirt
Totally Skip! That other hooded sweatshirt

Totally Hip! Eating anchovies on toast
Totally Skip! Getting within 3 feet of humans with a sense
of smell

Totally Hip! Playing the ukulele
Totally Skip! Feeling in the tips of my fingers

Totally Hip! Spending money on ukulele-related paraphernalia
Totally Skip! Paying rent on time

Totally Hip! Watching season 5 of The Sopranos on DVD
Totally Skip! Meeting writing deadlines

Totally Hip! Questioning own sense of humor
Totally Skip! Carefree and innocent love of laughter

Totally Hip! Late nights
Totally Skip! More than 1 1/2 hours of sunlight a day

Totally Hip! Making Christmas presents
Totally Skip! Like, money and its capitalist trappings, man!

Totally Hip! Constant unnecessary worry about if my hair looks weird or not
Totally Skip! Whatever the opposite of that would be (Because I have no idea!)

Totally Hip! Learning about the Christian Quiverfull movement
Totally Skip! Sleeping peacefully at night

And that’s how December’s breaking down in DeAnne land! Stay hip, kids!

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