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Day Five, Townsville: Haikus

Greetings from historic Townsville. Actually, I have no idea if Townsville is historic or not but somehow “lovely” Townsville doesn’t quite cut it. Don’t get me wrong. Townsville’s not a bad place. It’s, um, definitely a…place. It has houses and water and bridges and palm trees. It also seems to have an extraordinary amount of closed and/or under-construction shops. It’s kind of tricky for me to put my finger on the pulse of Townsville, but I’m starting to suspect that the non-pulse IS the pulse.

At this exact moment, I am in an internet cafe with 7 other people while Bruce Springsteen plays on the radio. Despite walking around Townsville for about 40 minutes, and stopping to eat in a cafe, this is the greatest number of people I’ve seen assembled in one place all day. Townsville. “You can’t start a fire without a spark…”

Here are some Townsville-inspired haikus for your blog-readin’ enjoyment.

The hotel is sweet.
Glass wall in the bathroom means
T.V. from the loo.

Benny’s Hot Wok is
not a bad restaurant but
the logo’s racist.

(See? Jesus.)

Honest Answer
At the gig, heckling.
Me: “I don’t want to engage.
Now back to my stuff.”

Smart Casual’s Ben
taught me a strumming pattern.
Damn, I love the uke.

Fundamental Beliefs Shaken While Watching a Panel Show
Jennifer Lopez,
despite everything I thought,
is not an air head.

Movie Channel
About to watch Doubt.
Catholic pedophilia.
Really? That happens?!!

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  1. >Nice haiku – love that short form of poetry

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