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MICF Roadshow 2011: Nambour and Redcliffe – What’s On

There are three things you need to know:

1. I’m writing these posts all willy-nilly in terms of chronology and geography, so don’t let that trouble you.
2. I’ll take any chance I can to wedge the word “willy-nilly” into a sentence.
3. I think that lists sound more complete in threes.

While there is a lot I could write about Nambour, I’ll let the “What’s On” board at the local pub speak for itself.

And that’s Nambour. Now, on to Redcliffe!

We’re actually staying in Scarborough, so I don’t have much experience with Redcliffe. (Sorry, Redcliffe. I do know that you are the adopted home of the Bee Gees, though, and that’s something.) Pretty much everything on Scarborough’s main strip is closed on Sunday, so I can’t say what that town is like either, other than it’s remarkably uneventful. Luckily for Scarborough, though, it has a lovely little beach.

Which gets even lovelier, if you stop and look at it close up.

And if you get really close, you may see that even rocks can express emotions.

Hey, little buddy. Why are you so sad? What’s going on? Why the tiny tear? Have you seen something that upset you? Surely, this is an idyllic little seaside town, with the beach right here and a beautiful park up on the hill. Certainly there wouldn’t be anything disturbing in your immediate area. There wouldn’t be any strange, unexpected plant-like growths that would be weird, or unidentifiable to the North American eye, or unmistakably penis-shaped. There’s nothing to be sad about, little guy. Turn that frown upsi–

Oh. Oh, goodness. My.


  1. >I was going to comment, then decided my comment was too crappy. Then I saw you commented twice on your previous post, so…

    The rock looked like a dinosaur to me at first (eye on the left and boogery nose on the right) but then I saw the penis picture which made me see the sad rock face. <– my crappy comment

    If I can smuggle 3 eucalyptus leaves from Australia (I'm naughty), you can smuggle that rock! If you wanted a sad face pet rock… <– added bonus comment

  2. >Anon above, I love that you saw a raptor instead of a sad face, amazing.

    Penis-fruit, what the hell?

  3. Marie Marshall

    May 23, 2011 at 5:17 am

    >I am reminded of the Limerick which starts 'There was a young fellow named Throstle…'

  4. >heh, sad rocks and penis plants.

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