Hi! Thanks for being here! If you want to hear DeAnne say nice things about their own self (in the third person, of course), read on. 

The Loose Cannon of Comedy, DeAnne Smith, has rocketed around the world, from Just for Laughs to the Iceland Comedy Festival. Their television credits include Last Comic Standing, and The Late Late Show in the U.S., as well as appearances on CBC, ABC, and BBC. (That’s BCs all over the place, baby!) Their video Straight Men, Step Your Game Up has over 48 million views. (That’s pre TikTok, baby!) You can find their critically-acclaimed half-hour comedy special, Gentleman Elf, on Netflix right now. (In the most annoying way possible: first you must go to “Comedians of the World,” and then choose “Canada” and then click on the picture with their little face.) 

DeAnne is also the host of With a Twist, a cocktail and comedy show developed in Canada. That’s cool, right? And The Philadelphia Weekly called their monthly comedy show, DeAnarchy, “one of the best comedy shows in the country,” which is very validating and mysterious, since that show takes place in New York City. 

They were recently featured in Hannah Gadsby’s Gender Agenda on Netflix. They’re really great at comedy, is the point. (And maybe less great at writing bios. Do you think “Loose Cannon of Comedy” will stick?)

The UK Telegraph says they’re “Smart. Very funny. Effortless charm lets them get away with murder.” What a quote! DeAnne has never actually murdered anyone, but rising fascism and the callous disregard of the billionaire class for life on earth is for sure making them think about it.

They’ve also just had so much caffeine their eyes are vibrating and man do they have ADHD pretty hard. Thanks for reading! I love you! I mean, they probably love you! 

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Cheerful, confident and smart standup.

— The Guardian (UK)